Pebbles Club

bootcampThe Pebbles Club is our new 750sqft “Kid’s Club” for our 1 year old guests & older. (Children under 1 year welcome with prior discussion with management.) Unlike most kid’s areas, we want our guests to be moving, playing, using their brains and bodies, not stuck behind some electronics. Our Pebbles Club features Step2 products which are industry leading in safety, features and durability as well as fun! The Skyward Summit rock climbing structure is perfect for basic motor skills, range of motion, strength, balance and confidence. Compliment this with Step2’s Extreme Coaster, your lil’ ones will actually ASK you to come to the gym versus running the opposite direction! Even the foam flooring has their safety in mind! Non-allergen, odor or chemical based impact/fall supporting.

Additional fun stuff is The Pebbles Club features a (6) person crafts table that is supplied with crayons, coloring books & templates, plain & colored paper, age-appropriate scissors, basic craft projects and more!

*The Pebbles Club allows no food, drinks/sippie cups or snacks of any kind to ensure no child risks allergic reaction nor does the staff change diapers. Shoes are not permitted and socks are required. We aim to maintain a highly clean, sanitized and safe environment.

**All staff has been fully background checked, drug screened and is certified in Infant through Adult CPR/AED/First Aid.

HOURS: [MON-WED-FRI] 8a-10a/5p-7p [SAT] 8a-10a

Pebbles Club Rates

Drop-in Rates
1 Child/1 Hour $5 Purchase Now
1 Child/2 Hours $7.50 Purchase Now
2 Children/1 Hour $7.50 Purchase Now
2 Children/2 Hours $10 Purchase Now
Unlimited Passes
1 Child Unlimited $30 Purchase Now
2 Children Unlimited $45 Purchase Now
Punch Card $25 & $50 Purchase Now