Group Fitness Classes

poundWhat are Group Fitness Classes? Group Fitness Classes are just that, fitness based classes in a group(multi-person) scenario. Designed to give the participant an effective, efficient and safe workout that is always high energy and fun typically in formats that have high energy music, rhythmic, tempo-based choreographed routines demonstrated by an instructor in which those in the class follow for a duration of 45-60 minutes. Aside from the upbeat classes, Yoga is just the opposite. Yoga is designed to slow the participant down, relieve stress, increase flexibility, help recover from lack of mobility, injuries, aging and a variety of additional health benefits.

These calorie burning, sweat-inducing classes come in a variety of styles. Rock Fitness utilizes the best of these types of classes in the form of BoxMania, Pound & Yoga to deliver a great experience in addition to increasing health & fitness.

Also, we are a certified “Silver Sneakers” facility equipped with chairs, bands, balls & dumbbells. Silver Sneakers is a low-impact fitness program for the active senior! (65yo+) Check your insurance plans for eligibility.