Yoga is an excellent, fun & safe way to introduce yourself to the amazing benefits of flexibility, complimenting and helping to recover from your workouts. Here at Rock Fitness, we introduce you to these benefits by showcasing the primary (15) traditional yoga poses/postures to ensure you learn correctly from day one and maximize, without injury, the true benefits of yoga. Unlike many boutique versions of Yoga where you must choose what class you want to attend(and you may not know & have to guess), we assess you then adjust the curriculum based on your abilities/limitations/goals. Additionally you will learn proper breathing & relaxation techniques that can be applied throughout your day. Designed to get you fit, flexible and stress free, our classes are well suited for beginners to moderate practitioners.

Specialty Classes:

Yoga for Survivors-This (8) Week series is specifically for women 18yo and older who have been exposed to multiple forms of abuse that has reduced their health & fitness. This class meets one time per week for (90) minutes and provides the participant with tools to release physical & emotional trauma through yoga poses, breathing methods & meditation practices.

Yoga for Warriors-This (8) Week series is specifically for Veterans, Soldiers & First Responders, both Men & Women, who have been diagnosed with PTSD. This class meets one time per week for (90) minutes and provides those who attend the tools to work with, process and eliminate Troubling Emotions, Persevering Thought Patterns, Diminish Chromatic Somatic(body) Tension and Diminish Hyper Vigilance. Practices utilized in this class include yoga poses, breathing methods & meditation.