About us

About us

Who is Rock Fitness?
There are MANY aspects that separate us from others in our industry-one of them being originality. We DO NOT copy, in any aspect, other gyms. We create our own direction, marketing, prices, color schemes, presentation-internally & externally. We created Rock Fitness FOR the member/client and from THEIR perspective. This is referred to as “Member-Centric.” The collective years of Rock Fitness’s staff in the health & fitness industry has vastly helped create, as well as provide, what we feel to be the best environment, services, classes and equipment to ensure every aspect of your journey is accommodated. Here at Rock Fitness we offer complimentary full body composition testing PRIOR to any membership or personal training discussed  to validate your needs and that you have a plan for your goal/success before you leave…not just a “membership!”  We offer no specials, huge discounts, no sales process, no contracts nor are we are interested what the gym down the street is doing as that is their chosen path. Rock Fitness will always be original, cutting edge but not trendy, authentic not borrowed and ever evolving not complacent. We believe in a “no-contract” business plan for one simple philosophy: we have to EARN your business EVERY month!” Going on 3 years in Lacey, it’s working!

What does Rock Fitness do?
Utilizing a massive, warehouse style 16,000 square foot, non-Crossfit based health & fitness studio, we focus on all aspects of Human Performance, Mobility, Functionality and Life Preservation utilizing methodology such as body weight only training, classes, plyo boxes, agility ladders, jump ropes, sleds, bands, balls, battle ropes, Boot Camps, Demile Self-Defense Systems, TRX(Suspension & Rip Trainer), Group Fitness Classes, Nutrition Plans, Life Coaching, Personal Training & Corporate Wellness Plans as well as the latest in technology with the 2014 models of Technogym Cardio & Selectorized equipment to deliver the member’s desired results in a safe, effective, efficient, expeditious manner that is also an enjoyable journey! We bring all this together by incorporating the FREE Rock Fitness App and the My Wellness App for the ultimate in accountability and support!

Who’s the Leader?
Rock Fitness is led by Veteran Master Trainer David London, a former Persian Gulf Era United States Marine, who has been personal training since 1989 accumulating over 75,000 floor hours & 40+ National Certifications.

What’s the atmosphere?
Rock Fitness’s non-mirrored and non-clique atmosphere is one where everyone is welcome, everyone is entitled to live the healthiest life they can and everyone deserves to learn the tools to take charge of their life. We do not create the traditional “pass or fail” type environment, nor invalidate someone based on their current level of health & fitness more that of build them up and value their personal commitment to their transformation! Everyone here, regardless of where they are from or believe in work together for the common goal of personal evolution and transformation!

Our Mission

To introduce Health and Fitness to the community in a simple, successful and validating way that ensures their journey, regardless of their goal or age, is what they intended it to be.    

Our Philosophy

We at Rock Fitness believe in the “3 F’s” of life: Faith, Family and Fitness.  Build each of these platforms with a “solid” foundation for longevity, happiness and life fulfillment.