Corporate Wellness

What is “Corporate Wellness?” Most often it is used to describe a program implemented and sponsored by an employer to support the health, fitness & activity of their employees, which in turn, is “supposed” to generate increased health & fitness levels of the employees resulting in an increase of production and profitability while increasing the financial strength of the employer. This return on investment (ROI) is dependent on increased production, less absenteeism, less doctor visits and of course, lower premium benefit packages. In the gym world, a Corporate Wellness membership or the like typically means just a lower cost monthly membership with no additional benefits and/or information.

Unfortunately, these programs only work when a specific destination and/or goal is established, hard data taken at the point of implementation, measured and compared to beginning statistics monthly and on-going. This data can consist of a variety of parameters that best suit the company and the type of business in addition employee needs. Using apps and web-based systems, data can be compared to each participants beginning statistics as well as on much broader scale-company wide. The vast number of wellness plans rarely have the tools and technology to test beginning statistics nor have the tracking capability. Worse yet, rarely is there any actual quantifiable data in which to measure a true ROI. Lack of this data costs companies thousands to millions in loss revenue, expenses, vendors, incentives, man hours, payroll all the while “assuming” their better off for having a program in place rather than not.

For this sole reason, Rock Fitness and Master Trainer David London created the “S.W.E.A.T.” Program! ®. S.W.E.A.T or State of Washington Employee Activity Training Program utilizes the latest in technology to create a baseline for companies of 1 up to 1000 in Washington State to finally have an experienced based, successful program that elevates their company to a whole new level. The best part is the data collected during the discovery phase as well as throughout the program duration is web and app based. This information is tracked daily, weekly, monthly & annually. Participants may see their personal data whereas Wellness Coordinators, HR Managers, Benefits Coordinators, Senior Management+ have a “dashboard” where they are able to see all employees activity at one time. This also allows a Coordinator to be more involved and hold a higher level of accountability for themselves as well as the program they are responsible for. What does oversight, lack of accountability, poor information and out dated technology/tools cost Washington State Companies annually?