To Be Who You Want To Be Tomorrow

To Be Who You Want To Be Tomorrow

“To be who you want to be tomorrow takes working on yourself today…what hasn’t been accomplished prior and/or started is irrelevant– as ‘it’ is in the past which cannot be changed nor controlled-that is why it is referred to as the past. No hope, desire, effort or other can undo the past so by releasing the bondage of “control” and the illusion that through sheer will the past can be undone and/or altered, one can begin to live in the now and be present to the opportunities ahead as there are none in the past.  There is a substantial difference in life quality when acknowledging and learning from the past versus living in the past.

What’s relevant is the future which can be controlled and changed as ’it’ will or will not happen solely based on your efforts so therefore true control only applies to that which has yet to happen. Limitations & obstacles, more than not are self-imposed, are often perceived as negative when in actuality, they present the opportunity to evolve your thinking, direction and efforts…it’s merely perspective. The rewards of life happen not from the calm moments(which in themselves are a form of reward) but that of the ‘fires’ that persuade us to move, think and function unlike before thus creating the possibility of a new outcome unlike those in the ‘past’. The value of your existence and correlating level of living can only be determined by you…do not look upon a chart, graph, statistic or other to quantify your worthiness moreover use said references as markers in your journey…you and only you know how you feel in your skin…and that skin is amazing.”

  From the walls of Rock Fitness and your leader…
  • Be Courageous and look at yourself;
  • Have Willingness to see yourself;
  • Choose to take action;
  • Know your Worthy;
  • See the Transformation;
  • Allow the Freedom of losing control;
  • Know your potential is Limitless;
  • Have Faith;
  • Believe in your Success;
  • Listen to your Heart;
  • Practice Patience;
  • Be Tenacious in your efforts;
  • Control your world by your words & repeat daily: I Can, I Will, I’m Strong & for My Future;
  • Live Empowered by your Unstoppable Transformation and achieve your Validation!
Honored to be part of your lives, David London-Master Trainer

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